Organizing And Storage Tips
Posted by selfstorageunitsinpo, 03/17/2018 8:00 am

Self Storage Units are an excellent space-saving solution. It is easy to acquire things, but sometimes hard to find a place for them. Getting rid of belongings is not always a good option, especially when items are inherited, treasured, or potentially valuable. However, things can quickly start to take over a space, and in New York, living spaces tend to be small. The following are some tips for organizing and storing things in a storage unit.

Make Sure Valuables Are Insured

In general, Self Storage Facilities in the Bronx take good care of their customers' belongings. If they didn't, they couldn't stay in business. However, some things are not under the manager's control, like a fire or a flood. Therefore, storage facility customers need to check with their insurance company to see whether their current renter's or homeowner's policy covers belongings in a storage unit, and if it doesn't, they should add coverage.

Choose A Climate-Controlled Facility

In New York, temperatures vary widely throughout the year. High heat in the summer can be especially dangerous to stored items, not to mention unpleasant for people who are moving things in and out of a unit in July. A combination of heat and humidity can cause things to mold, it can warp vinyl records, and it can cause paintings to deteriorate. Therefore, it's a good idea to look for Storage Units in Bronx NY that provide air-conditioning systems.

Use Small Boxes When Possible

Using large boxes for packing is a common beginner's mistake. Filling up a big box seems efficient, but not only is a large box too heavy to move easily, it can also be hard to get things out of a large box, especially when a necessary item is at the bottom. Small to medium-size boxes are better for storing most things. Heavier items, like books, should always be packed in the smallest boxes possible.

Label Everything

Make sure to label boxes clearly on multiple sides and the top so that they are easy to identify at a glance. Instead of writing a list of contents on each box, consider giving each box a unique number and then keeping a master list of box contents. In addition, it can be very helpful to make a map of the storage unit indicating where each box is stored. Tape the map to a storage unit wall for easy access.

Storage facilities can provide a great solution to the problem of limited space at home. Check out this site to learn more about Self Storage Units in Bronx.

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